Spotting the Signs of ADHD in Adults

ADHD and Adults pic

ADHD and Adults

A licensed psychologist in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Mark Cartwright treats children, adolescents, and adults for a wide range of mental illnesses and developmental issues. Since 2008, Dr. Mark Cartwright has worked at Carewright Clinical Services in Dallas, diagnosing and treating conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which in some cases is not detected until adulthood.

Many adults with ADHD may have been labeled troublemakers or dreamers during childhood, but symptoms were not pronounced enough to prompt an evaluation. As time goes on and responsibilities pertaining to home, relationships, and career increase, ADHD shows itself in a variety of ways. The two main components of the condition are an inability to pay attention and hyperactivity.

Patients may have trouble organizing and prioritizing daily tasks or “zone out” during an activity. Forgetfulness, chronic lateness, and poor listening skills are other symptoms, as are extreme mood swings and difficulties dealing with criticism. Those with the condition may also have impulse control issues and engage in risky behaviors such as driving too fast.

All of these symptoms can not only negatively affect jobs and relationships but also contribute to low self-esteem, as patients beat themselves up for not being able to maintain control of their lives. A qualified mental health professional can make a diagnosis of ADHD and recommend lifestyle and behavioral changes to achieve more focus and calm.


Sesame Street Welcomes a Character with Autism

Sesame Street Welcomes a Character with Autism

Sesame Street Welcomes a Character with Autism

Mark Cartwright of Dallas, Texas, a licensed psychologist with Carousel Clinical Services and Carewright Clinical Services, has conducted numerous evaluations of children with suspected autism. Also a nationally certified school psychologist, Mark Cartwright of Dallas has also provided intensive therapy to children on the autism spectrum and has helped families to access appropriate resources.

On October 21, 2015, the children’s educational program Sesame Street announced the groundbreaking addition of a character with autism. The term autism, more formally referred to as autism spectrum disorder, indicates one of a group of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by self-stimulating behaviors and difficulties with social functioning. Today, approximately 1 child in 68 receives an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

Experts say that children with autism may be excluded from peer activities and are vulnerable to bullying. Sesame Street introduced the character, an orange-haired muppet named Julia, to counteract this behavior and teach children to be inclusive of all peers. The program has also introduced the initiative Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children, which offers such family and community resources as educational videos, tips for community members, and a storybook for parents and children to share.

Dr, Mark Cartwright: What Is Therapeutic Assessment?

Dr. Mark Cartwright of Dallas provides therapeutic assessment to help people gain a better understanding of their emotions and behavior. Therapeutic assessment can offer a solution to ongoing problems and challenges. It is different from other methods of psychological assessment in that it does not aim to diagnose a problem or create a specific treatment plan. Though it can lead to the recognition of a problem or a method to treat the problem, its main goal is to facilitate positive change in the client. It is a gentle, less-directed way to make life improvements.

Therapeutic Assessment was developed by Stephen Finn at the Center for Therapeutic Assessment in Austin, Texas. The method uses the techniques of collaborative psychological assessment, which is based in humanistic and human-science psychology. These methods differ from other treatment methods because they put the power in the hands of the client and reduce the role of the therapist. Both client and therapist work together to understand the problems and find new ways of coping. At one time these methods were not thought to be helpful, but most therapists now agree that therapeutic assessment should at least be a part of any psychological treatment plan. Dr. Mark Cartwright supports the use of therapeutic assessment and incorporates it into his work with patients.

Mark Cartwright, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist in Dallas, Texas. He is also a Nationally Certified Specialist in School Psychology

An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Mark Cartwright currently works with patients at Carewright Clinical Services. A trained psychologist, he offers solution-focused and cognitive behavioral therapy to children and adults of various ages.

Cognitive behavioral therapy involves a psychologist assisting a patient in becoming aware of negative or inaccurate thoughts and providing new ways to address stressful situations. The mental health community often utilizes this short-term treatment for individuals facing anxiety and depression. Others experiencing stress may also benefit.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may take place on an individual basis or in a group setting. Generally, patients meet with therapists once a week for up to an hour. In the first session, the patient and therapist get to know one another and determine the goals of the treatment. In subsequent sessions, the patient discusses specific events or life issues, and the therapist works with him or her to discuss reactions and coping mechanisms. An action-oriented approach, cognitive behavioral therapy often includes homework assignments for the patient.