About Dr. Mark Cartwright

A licensed psychologist with a specialization in school psychology, assessment, and therapy, Mark Cartwright, PhD, provides the full spectrum of mental health services to patients of Carewright Clinical Services in Dallas, Texas. With a diversified academic and professional background, Dr. Cartwright set the stage for his career while an undergraduate at Ohio University, where he took part in the Student Development Assistants Program. Graduating cum laude with his BA in Psychology in 2000, Dr. Mark Cartwright spent the next two years as an employee of Franklin County Children Services, during which time he handled assorted casework for low-income families.
At the end of this period, Dr. Cartwright began his graduate studies at the Ohio State University and split his time between coursework and field activities of the Columbus Public School Master’s in School Psychology Practicum. After earning his MA in 2004, Mark Cartwright remained at OSU to pursue his PhD, completing the Early Childhood Education Center, Columbus Hospital Autism Assessment, and Ohio State Leadership Doctoral Practica. In 2007, Dr. Cartwright successfully defended his dissertation, which focused on his development of the Assessment of Caregiver Psychoeducation instrument. He has earned selection to such honor societies as Pi Gamma Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Psi Chi.
Based in the greater Dallas area since 2006, Dr. Cartwright fulfilled a yearlong APA internship in the Fort Worth Independent School District before undertaking a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern, where he built upon his expertise in child psychotherapy and clinical assessment. Today, Dr. Cartwright splits his time between responsibilities at Carewright and at Carousel Clinical Services in Dallas, through which he offers various psychotherapy and assessment services. To read more about Dr. Mark Cartwright and his work, please visit his official website at http://www.carewright.org.

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